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How a Papaya a day, can keep the dental conditions away

Papaya aka PawPaw - why should we eat this beautiful orange fruit daily, and how is it so dangerously good for our health? 

PawPaw has been used for medicinal purposes dating back to the 1500’s. The delicious orange flesh is sweet, containing high levels of antioxidants and vitamins helping reduce potential health risks, and improving our health overall. 

Treatment for plaque induced gingivitis, periodontal conditions and bad breath.

  • with high levels of tannis in the fruit and seeds, increasing its antimicrobial affect on fighting multiple oral health conditions.

    High in fibre

    • Consuming fruits and foods containing high levels of fibre, increases your mouth's production of saliva (creating antibacterial barrier around your mouth).
    • High fibre fruits also encourage blood flow around your mouth, to your teeth and gums.

    Our teams favourite high fibre foods:

    Emma: Oats - topped with fruit and honey, a good (and tasty) way to get fibre first thing in the morning!

    Jess: Surprisingly popcorn is a great source of fibre, and an essential for movie nights. 

    Luke: Any fruit is good for additional fibre, and tastes good.

    Lex: An apple a day keeps the dental conditions away!

    Mat: Emma’s overnight oats are the best! With berries and honey.

    Abbey: I love to load my dinners with beans, legumes and wholegrains to get additional fibre! 

    Josh: Dried fruits are my favourite way to get a healthy sugar hit and increase my fibre for the day!


    The takeaway? YEP - swap the sweets for a banana, and increase your daily intake of fibre to keep that smile healthy!

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