Teeth Straightening Brisbane

Clear Aligners in Brisbane

Get straighter teeth with Clear Aligner Treatment

Bitesoft teeth straightening in Brisbane is becoming an increasingly popular method of achieving your smile goals.

Teeth Straightening Treatment

Concerned with crowding, spacing and protrusion? It’s time to look into the Bitesoft treatment process.

Our removable aligners are practically invisible, making them a popular treatment option for those who don’t want conventional braces.

Modern dentistry has come a long way since traditional braces – you can now straighten your teeth in less time and with more comfort with custom aligners!

So, do clear aligners hurt like braces? Nope!

Get straight teeth without the wires and the brackets – discover our clear aligners in Brisbane today. 


In-Clinic Complex Case

If your case is classed as a complex case you may require IPR or attachments or both. You will be given this information along with your 3D orthodontic treatment plan after your Initial Assessment.
There will be an additional cost for IPR and attachments.

Clear Aligners in Brisbane - FAQs

Do Aligners straighten teeth permanently?


Aligners provide lasting results if used as prescribed.

With regular wear and good oral hygiene, aligner treatments achieve long-term stability in the tooth position. So, if you take care of your smile post-teeth alignment treatment by consistently wearing your virtually invisible aligners, you should enjoy your straight smile for many years to come!

How much do clear aligners cost in Brisbane?


Bitesoft offers two convenient and cost effective high-quality orthodontic treatment options. At Home treatment, which costs $2,999 and In-Clinic treatment costs $3,399. Bitesoft aligners are a cost-effective alternative to traditional braces or in-office clear aligner in Brisbane treatments. The aligners are designed using the latest technology to provide a comfortable and effective treatment. 

Looking To Straighten Your Teeth with Bitesoft? 

With our invisible aligners (or practically invisible braces), say goodbye to crooked and crowded teeth. Whether you’re looking for scanbox, night aligners or, clear teeth aligners in Sydney or any other cities across Australia, Bitesoft Co will give you something to smile about!


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