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Post Treatment Retainers


Post Treatment Retainers

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Post Treatment Retainers

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Maintaining your new smile is easy

Retaining your new smile is important and we’ve made it easy with our post treatment retainers. Retainers are to be worn for 6 weeks following treatment, this is called a passive healing phase and for 8 hours per day or night indefinitely afterwards if you want to avoid any movement or change.

  • Two weeks post treatment: 22 hours per day
  • Third and fourth week post treatment: 18 hours per day
  • Fifth and sixth week post treatment: 12-14 hours per day
  • Maintenance: 8 hours per day

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Bitesoft Co Impression Kit

Impression Kit

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Aligner Maintenance Kit


Maintaining your oral hygiene is so important, especially when undergoing orthodontic treatment. 

Everything is included in this kit that will help you clean your teeth, maintain optimum gum health and assist you with your aligners.

Keeping Aligners Clean Bitesoft Co
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