Post Treatment Retainers

Post Treatment Retainers

Keep your teeth looking top-notch!

Post-treatment orthodontic retainers are a type of custom retainer that should be used to maintain the alignment of teeth after orthodontic treatment.

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Important Information

Please do not purchase your retainer until you're happy with the results. If you aren't a Bitesoft member but would like to order a post treatment retainer please contact our customer care team, additional costs apply.

Can I purchase if I haven't gone ahead with Bitesoft Clear Aligner Treatment?

You can!
The cost is a little different for non-bitesoft member; $200 per arch + you will need to purchase an Impression Kit. If you have any questions please contact our customer care team:

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Post Treatment Retainers

Regular price $130.00 AUD
Regular price Sale price $130.00 AUD
Sale Sold out

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a teeth retainer cost?


At Bitesoft Co, our teeth retainers cost $130 – or $65 for the top arch and $65 for the bottom arch.

How do teeth retainers work?


They work by holding your teeth in place, which prevents them from shifting back into an incorrect position.

Retainers are customised to fit each individual's needs and are made with Zendura FLX.

Though it takes some getting used to and developing a routine, wearing removable or permanent retainers is one of the best ways to ensure healthy and straight teeth long-term!

How long do I wear them for?


Retainers are to be worn for 6 weeks following treatment, this is called a passive healing phase and for 8 hours per night indefinitely afterwards if you want to avoid any movement or change.

Two weeks post treatment: 22 hours per day
Third and fourth week post treatment: 18 hours per day
Fifth and sixth week post treatment: 12-14 hours per day
Maintenance: 8 hours per day

Can I get a bonded retainer?


You can contact our customer care team and we will be able to help you booking your bonding appointment.

How long will my thermoplastic retainer last?


If kept nice and clean it can last between 6-12 months.

Do I have to wear a retainer?


You absolutely do!
Unfortunately not wearing a retainer will result in your teeth moving back to their old position.

What are the benefits of retainers?


Choosing an orthodontic retainer appropriate for your particular dental needs is essential because each patient has unique requirements. Dental retainers should be worn as prescribed by your dentist or orthodontist to protect your teeth over time and prevent them from shifting back out of position.

Maintaining the results of treatment

Wearing retainers helps to hold the teeth in their new place after orthodontic treatment, so treatment effects are maintained over time.

Preventing relapse with a fixed retainer 

Fixed retainers prevent the teeth from shifting back to their original position, which can occur naturally over time due to the forces of the muscles and tongue.

Protecting the investment

Orthodontic treatment can be costly, and a permanent retainer helps to protect the investment by ensuring that the results of treatment are long-lasting.

Improving oral health

Retainers can help improve oral health by keeping the teeth in the correct position, making it easier to brush and floss properly, reducing the risk of cavities, and improving oral hygiene.


Our retainers are made from Zendura FLX, and are designed to be as comfortable as possible during your retainer process.


The retainer is made based on your final alignment.

Easy maintenance

Our retainers are easy to clean and maintain, and you can wear them for a long time.


Retainers are a cost-effective way to ensure that the effects of orthodontic treatment are maintained over time.

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