Our Story

Bitesoft is one of Australia's most trusted and affordable Clear Aligner Companies. People trust us because we focus on tailoring the entire experience to suit them and we don’t stop until they are confident with their smile.
We’ve done the research, trialled the process and have ultimately redefined the orthodontic clear aligner experience with our unique remote treatment and personalised one-on-one program. 

Our Founders

We are thrilled to introduce you to the future of teeth straightening. Clear Aligners should be available to everyone, and everyone deserves to feel incredible in their smile. Our philosophy behind Bitsoft is self care and confidence. We wanted to create an affordable and convenient teeth straightening option for Aussies. Our unique concept allows patients convenience whilst also having the best possible care. We are now proudly servicing Australia and New Zealand.

Luke & Alexis

Science-backed, dentist-approved

Our aligners are made from Zendura Flx Material. Which is what we believe to be the most comfortable and invisible clear aligner material on the market.


Australia’s first Clear Aligner company recycling your old aligners and impressions into a renewable energy source. We have partnered with Veolia and ACEwaste to reduce the number of clear aligners and impression waste from reaching landfill. Veolia and ACEwaste are Australian owned companies, processing materials to generate renewable energy sources instead of sending them to landfill. We collect every patients old clear aligners, ACEwaste transport them to be incinerated at one of Australia’s first incineration depot. This process produces 24x less greenhouse gas emissions than any other disposal method and is leading the way of waste-disposal throughout Australia. The incinerator reaches temperatures between 800° to 1250° Celsius, run entirely by the heat energy reused from the waste disposal process. The heat generated from the destruction process is then used to create energy sources.

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