Step 1

Compete your free smile assessment

Find out if you are a candidate by completing our free smile assessment online. It only takes 10 seconds, we promise.

Step 2

Get started

Take your impressions from home, or visit one of our BitesoftPro partner clinics to receive x-rays, scans, consultation.

step 3

View your treatment plan

Your custom treatment plan, created by the professionals. see a 3D plan of how your teeth will transform. once your treatment plan is approved, your aligners will be fabricated and shipped to your door in 3-4 weeks.

step 4

Start treatment

your Bitesoft Co treatment begins. you will meet your personal customer care consultant who will be by your side from start to finish. receive 24/7 care & a real person to answer any questions you may have.

step 5

Monitored by professionals, remotely

All treatments include our advanced AI remote monitoring technology. The ScanBox allows our dentists to monitor treatment more closely, reducing the need for refinements and reducing your overall treatment time.

Ready to get started?

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Do I receive all of the Bitesoft aligners at once?


You will receive all aligners at once - allowing you to straighten your teeth from wherever, whenever✈️🏝.

How much does Bitesoft cost?


Start with a $39 from-home impression kit or visit a BitesoftPro dentist for your assessment, clean, panoramic X-Ray and 3D scan. Next, we offer two convenient payment options. The first option is an upfront payment. Make a one-time payment of $2,999 if you’re taking the at home Impression Kit option – that’s 65% less than braces, with no hidden costs or fees.

If you’re wanting to visit a BitesoftPro dentist your full treatment plan will come to $3,399. Subject to t’s&c’s.

Option 2; Pay in Bites. $0 down payment followed by fortnightly payments of $62 for 24 months ($3,191 total). There are no credit checks involved and you are able to pay it out early with no fee attached.

If taking our BitesoftPro option and want to Pay in Bites it’s a $0 down payment followed by fortnightly payments of $70 for 24 months. ($3,591 total). There are no credit checks involved and you are able to pay it out early with no fee attached.

To maintain your new smile you should purchase Bitesoft Post Treatment Retainers which cost $99 per set. Alternatively you can visit a BitesoftPro dentist to have a bonded retainer fitted. Prices very per clinic.

How long would my Bitesoft Journey take?


For our at home Bitesoft treatment and our BitesoftPro dentist service, time varies on a case-by-case basis, but smile transformations usually take an average of 3 - 9 months. If you’re a more complex case then you will fall under our BitesoftPro+ category and treatment can take up to 15 months. That’s still 3x faster than braces.

What happens if my teeth aren’t exactly where I want them once treatment is finished?


Bitesoft is committed to getting you the smile you’ll love, for life. With our lifetime guarantee if you feel your smile isnt exactly where you want it, we’ll provide you with free touch up, refinement aligners until it’s right.


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