Straight teeth, less hassle.

Start with your Impression Kit for only $99

Your Impression Kit enables you to create moulds of your teeth directly from your own home without having to go to a Dentist or Orthodontist. Send those moulds back to us via the express courier satchel we have enclosed completely free of charge.

One of our Treatment Coordinators will assess your case

Your assigned Treatment Coordinator will review your Impressions (moulds) and design your treatment plan.

Receive your Virtual 3D Smile Design

We will email you your Smile Design so you can see the changes to the positions of your teeth as they shift over the course of your aligner treatment.

Purchase of your Bitesoft Co Aligners

Treatment is only $2,300 AUD. You now have the option to purchase the treatment in full or go a Zip Money or Humm Finance Interest-Free Payment Plan.

Get your Retainers

When you have completed your aligner treatment you will need to purchase a custom set of retainers to keep your teeth from shifting back into their old places. The price of our retainers is $80.00 AUD.

How our payment plans work.