10-Year guarantee on your tooth position

To maintain the position of your teeth in the long term, we offer the option to apply a wire retainer to the back of your teeth at a bitesoftpro partner or purchase a plastic retainer to wear every night. We guarantee to provide free refinement aligners if your teeth unalign within 10 years of completion given you are following the below conditions.

Guarantee on your results

Before treatment, we will show you how your teeth will move into the new position step by step with the help of a 3D simulation. If the preview does not match the actual end result after your treatment, we will produce additional Aligners for you free of charge – until you are happy with the result. Given you are following the below conditions and using your ScanBox correctly.

Guarantee Conditions

Aligner treatment:

We will provide you with additional Aligners until at least 95% of the predicted result shown by the treatment plan has been achieved – and as long as further improvement is medically possible.

A requirement for this is that you wear your Aligners for 22 hours per day and the Night Aligner for 8–10 hours per night.

It is mandatory to be using your scanbox each fortnight or when notified by our team on the Dental Monitoring app. If we do not receive all scans we will not be able to supply free refinement aligners, there will be an additional charge.

If conditions are not met and refinement aligners need to be purchase the cost involved are as follows: $30 for refinement impressions kit + shipping and $50 per refinement aligner. It's better to be scanning when required so there are no additional charges.

Tooth position with retainer:

We guarantee the durability of the material and the long-term retention of your achieved tooth position. This guarantee only applies once you purchase your post treatment retainers.

The guarantee on your tooth position applies to teeth that are fixed by the bitesoft wire retainer.

The guarantee on your tooth position applies if you are regularly updating your plastic retainer (6 month).

A requirement for this is regular and thorough dental care. If your retainer becomes damaged or brittle, or if your bonded retainer becomes loose please contact bitesoft within 14 days.

Unfortunately, we cannot provide a guarantee if you stop wearing your retainers. After your 6 week passive healing phase retainers need to be worn for at least 8 hours a night indefinitely.


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