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Our Brand Values

Aussie owned

Bitesoft is proud to be Australian owned and operated with our headquarters located in Queensland🇦🇺. We pride ourself on our one on one care. Both face to face & via our Teledentistry platform.

Clinical oversight

Partnering with Australian registered dentists across the country allows us to provide greater oversight and clinical outcomes for patients. Teaming up with dental monitoring, we use the Scanbox to track & check up with every single case on a weekly basis.


By partnering with Veolia and ACEwaste, we are able to use our patients old aligners, for good♻️. Our sustainability initiative includes all Clear Aligners, Impression Trays and other hard plastics, collected at Bitesoft HQ before being turned into renewable energy sources via incineration.

Meet BitesoftSonic.

Experience a deeper clean with sonic power and 5 different brush settings. Get that dentist fresh feeling the smarter way with 33,000 vibrations a minute.

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Remote Care,
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Bitesoft utilises ‘The ScanBox’. It's the world's first mobile solution for remote monitoring designed for clear aligner therapy.

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We want you to love your new smile as much as we do, and won't stop until you are happy with your results.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Aligners Are Making Teeth Straightening More Convenient?


Teeth aligners in Australia are an increasingly popular option for a straighter smile. Whilst they have the same end result as braces, they operate completely differently. This makes them a great choice for those whose lifestyle is incompatible with traditional braces.

Unlike braces, dental aligners are almost invisible and far more comfortable to wear. Bitesoft clear aligners can be removed for meals, making it easy to take care of your oral hygiene and keep your teeth healthy. 

Discover your perfect smile

At Bitesoft, people believe in us because we put a lot of effort into personalising their experience and keep going until they are satisfied with their smile.

Our innovative remote treatment and customised one-on-one program have entirely changed the orthodontic clear teeth aligner experience after extensive study and testing. 

Easy-to-use teeth straightening kit

When you begin your Bitesoft aligner journey, you will be given all of your aligners in one box for your convenience. Each one will gradually adjust the position of your teeth over time until they are perfectly aligned. Unlike traditional braces, no wires or brackets need to be affixed to your teeth – just pop in a new set of invisible teeth straighteners and away you go!

Our teeth straightening kit is easy to use and gets impressive results – meet your new smile with invisible aligners!

Do aligners fix teeth permanently?


Yes, aligners will fix your teeth permanently. However, the permanency of their effectiveness, much like braces, depends on you wearing your retainer consistently after the completion of your aligners. 

By changing the aligners over time, the gradual yet consistent pressure moves your teeth into their desired positions. Once you have completed your treatment regimen, you will need to wear a retainer in order to keep your newly-acquired smile looking great!

How much does teeth straightening cost?


Bitesoft offers two convenient and cost affective high-quality orthodontic treatments. At Home treatment, which costs $2799 and In-Clinic treament $3,099. Bitesoft aligners are a cost-effective alternative to traditional braces or in-office clear aligner treatments. The aligners are designed using the latest technology to provide a comfortable and effective treatment. 

Are aligners better than traditional braces?


Aligners are an increasingly popular and effective alternative to traditional braces in orthodontic treatment. They consist of custom-fitted clear thermo-plastic trays that gradually shift the teeth into proper alignment. Aligners are a discreet option, as they are nearly invisible, making them an appealing option for adults who desire to improve their smile without the visibility of traditional braces. In addition, aligners can be easily removed for eating and oral hygiene maintenance, which is a convenience not offered by fixed appliances. 

Aligners are more comfortable than braces, as they are made of smooth thermo-plastic rather than metal wires and brackets. While aligners may not be appropriate for all cases, they are a viable option for 95% of patients seeking to straighten their teeth in a discreet, comfortable, and convenient way.

Why clear aligners work so well?


When it comes to the most convenient orthodontic treatment, clear teeth aligners offer a more discrete approach than conventional metal braces for many people. Clear aligners are made from a clear, removable plastic material that fits over the teeth and can be taken out to eat and brush.

If you’re after something discreet yet effective to act as an efficient solution to crowded or gapped teeth then clear teeth aligners may be right for you.

Searching for aligners for your teeth? Get in touch with our friendly team today!

Looking To Straighten Your Teeth with Bitesoft? 

Whether you’re looking for remote dental monitoring, night aligners or clear teeth aligners in Brisbane, Sydney or any other cities across Australia, Bitesoft Co will give you something to smile about!


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