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01. Show us your teeth.

Get started from home by purchasing an Impression Kit or visit a BitesoftPro dentist near you.


02. Your Aligners, delivered.

We’ll upload a preview of your new smile to the Bitesoft app and create your aligners. We ship your full treatment plan of aligners and teeth whitening in the one box directly to you.


03. Bitesoft check ins.

Check in remotely in just a few minutes, with the ScanBox. Tracking your treatment and detecting oral health conditions using AI technology, monitored by our care team and Dentists. Once treatment is complete, you can purchase a set of clear retainers to keep your teeth from shifting back to their old position. You’ll wear them at night, it’s that easy. And with our lifetime guarantee, we promise straight teeth for life.

An update from Bitesoft’s Cofounder

We’re dedicated to always putting your health first - and now, we are proud to introduce our clear aligner treatment with even more doctor directed care. Receive your initial assessment, X-Ray, scans and on going support with a BitesoftPro dentist.
Your journey to a healthier, more confident smile starts now. Find a BitesoftPro location today.

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4 reasons to choose Bitesoft


Australian owned and operated

Founded and located in Queensland Australia. With BitesoftPro Australian partner dentists across the country.


Fair prices

Australian quality care at the best price. Payable fortnightly or upfront.



Dental supervision by our professional team remotely and at our partner practices.


Australian fan favourite

The No. 1 choice in Australia with over 10,000 satisfied customers.

Ways to get started with Bitesoft Clear Teeth Aligners

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Impression Kit

Get started from home for just $39.



Get started with a BitesoftPro™ partner Dentist.

Bitesoft Clear Aligners

Two easy payment options

Choose the payment option that works best for you.

Pay in Bites


  • Convenient fortnightly payments

  • No credit checks, no deposit

  • No interest

  • $57 a fortnight / 12 or 24 months ($2,991 total including account fee)

  • Can pay out early with no fees

  • Contact customer care to set up plan:

Single payment


Purchase Now
  • Biggest savings.

  • Easy one-off payment.

  • Free Impression Kit when aligners are purchased first

Our Lifetime Guarantee

We want you to love your new smile as much as we do, and won't stop until you are happy with your results - with free refinements until your smile matches the 3D simulation. If your smile ever falls out of line post treatment, we'll cover it at no extra cost.

Our Guarantee

Know your options

Learn the difference between us and our competitors, pick what’s best for you and your well being.

Differences at a glance

Cost $2,799-$3,500 $2,000- $3,200
Dental consultations Completed only by licensed Australian Dentists. Completed by a sales rep with no license.
X-rays Mandatory with our BitesoftPro service to uncover any underlying issues. No, they do not take x-rays.
Australian owned and operated with Australian doctors Yes, all of our partner doctors are fully licensed under AHPRA regulations to practice in Australia. Majority are located in the United States and do not have practicing doctors in Australia.
Remote monitoring via app Yes, access to customer support, dentists, and orthodontic team via our mobile app checking in every 14 days. Not all have apps and check ins are completed every 60 days...

Differences at a glance

Metal braces
Treatment cost$2,799-$3,500Up to $6,000
Dental supervisionDone only by licensed dentistsDone only by licensed dentists
Ease of use and processAligners are removable, and only needs to be worn for 22 hours a dayBrackets are non-removable until the end of treatment
In-clinic dental visitsMaximum 1-3 visits with access to customer support, dentists, and orthodontic team via mobile AppEvery 4 weeks
Average treatment duration3 - 15 months18 - 24 months

Straighten your smile discreetly

Remote care, made easy.

Bitesoft utilises ‘The ScanBox’. It's the world's first mobile solution for remote monitoring designed for clear aligner therapy. Using technology that leverages the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to identify not only various different dental structures and diseases such as cavities, gum recession and gingivitis, but also give us more insight in tracking Orthodontic movement by taking weekly scans of your teeth from wherever you may be.

Get started from home

Answers to popular questions

You will receive all aligners at once - allowing you to straighten your teeth from wherever, whenever✈️🏝.

Start with a $39 from-home impression kit or visit a BitesoftPro dentist for your assessment, clean, panoramic X-Ray and 3D scan. Next, we offer two convenient payment options. The first option is an upfront payment. Make a one-time payment of $2,799 if you’re taking the at home Impression Kit option – that’s 65% less than braces, with no hidden costs or fees.

If you’re wanting to visit a BitesoftPro dentist your full treatment plan will come to $3,099. Subject to t’s&c’s.

Option 2; Pay in Bites. $0 down payment followed by fortnightly payments of $57 for 24 months ($2,991 total). There are no credit checks involved and you are able to pay it out early with no fee attached.

If taking our BitesoftPro option and want to Pay in Bites it’s a $0 down payment followed by fortnightly payments of $62 for 24 months. ($3,291 total). There are no credit checks involved and you are able to pay it out early with no fee attached.

To maintain your new smile you should purchase Bitesoft Post Treatment Retainers which cost $99 per set. Alternatively you can visit a BitesoftPro dentist to have a bonded retainer fitted. Prices very per clinic.

For our at home Bitesoft treatment and our BitesoftPro dentist service, time varies on a case-by-case basis, but smile transformations usually take an average of 3 - 9 months. If you’re a more complex case then you will fall under our BitesoftPro+ category and treatment can take up to 15 months. That’s still 3x faster than braces.

All check ins are completed via the Dental Monitoring Scan Box, cutting out the pointless and lengthy office visits.

Most patients don’t require their wisdom teeth to be extracted unless they’re causing pain or discomfort. To find out if you need to remove yours, take our free pre-assessment. If all is good, you can then order your at home impression kit or book in for an initial consultation with a BitesoftPro partner dentist.

You sure can. We’ve already partnered with Dentists all across Australia and New Zealand so patients can get started in the comfort of a dentist's office. If you'd like to work together and get more patients into your practice, please click here to learn more and reach out today.

Bitesoft is committed to getting you the smile you’ll love, for life. With our lifetime guarantee if you feel your smile isnt exactly where you want it, we’ll provide you with free touch up, refinement aligners until it’s right.

No, you can sign up to a 6, 12 or 24 month interest free plan.

The difference is our treatment combines both professional orthodontic expertise with remote-monitoring technology for an experience that’s both safe and hassle-free. Many other brands offer only a more traditional, lengthier treatment, or a less-safe DIY process. We’re also 100% Australian owned and operated.

''The Clear Aligner revolution has totally changed the perception of Orthodontics''

''Those painful experiences and costly, long appointments have been replaced with an easy, comfortable and friendlier experience with clear aligners. Bitesoft has gone above and beyond the standard clear aligner treatment, by developing technology and accessibility that has redefined Orthodontics in Australia and New Zealand. Bitesoft knows that Orthodontic Care is more than just a product, it’s the attention to detail and personalised care they provide to every patient that really makes them stand out from the crowd…''‍

‍- Dr. Kandil, Orthodontic Practitioner

''The Clear Aligner revolution has totally changed the perception of Orthodontics''

‍- Dr. Kandil, Orthodontic Practitioner