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Was a little bit nervous to begin with as thought what if it doesn't work but am so happy with results! I have nearly finished my treatment and can't recommend bitesoft enough! Customer service is amazing, they reply so quickly and are always so helpful. Affordable and so good you don't have to be going to the dentist every couple of weeks!

Amazing experience

The staff at bitesoft co are exceptional and go out of their way to ensure the process is easy. The cost is affordable and I highly recommend going through this company

This aligner is great.

This is the best alternative to expensive braces. It's almost invisible to being noticed and works. I've made it to half way of my treatment plan and can see a huge difference to when I first started. It was initially uncomfortable on the teeth but I quickly got used to it. Simply amazing!!

Service and experience

What an amazing service! The whole process from start to finish was so easy, I had staff checking in often to see how I was progressing and if I had any questions! Highly recommend!! Currently on my second last set of aligners and I am extremely happy with my teeth!

5 star

Im Currently half way through my treatment and i can definitely notice that the gaps in my teeth have almost completely closed up! Amazing price, hassle free and very straight forward process. Would highly recommend!

Very invisible

Most people didn’t know I have it on, until I really get close to them, work well and easy to clean and put it back on. I’m on my 11/17 aligners now and I see such a difference in my teeth from before and after.

Easy and convenient

This has been an easy process from the very start. Most people don't even notice that I am wearing them. I am only a quarter of the way through treatment and have noticed a big change in the position of my teeth already.

Easy to do

This has been such an easy process. I'm at the end of my 24 week program and half the people I see everyday haven't even noticed I've been wearing them! My teeth are straighter and whiter and I cannot believe it's gone so quickly.

Amazing company!

I’m currently in week 4 of my 9 month plan! So far so good! I am extremely happy to have finally got the ball rolling and can not wait til the end of my treatment plan! Special thanks to Alexis who has been so helpful, and so fast in answering my emails with all my questions. Great company and highly recommend! ❤️

Highly Recommend

I’m very happy with the results from my aligners. After 4 months and 8 sets of aligners, I have straight teeth. It takes a couple of days to adjust when first putting in a new set. They are quite sore for a day or two, after that they are quite comfortable. Customer service is also great, Alexis is fantastic to deal with and gets back to me very quickly. I would recommend Bitesoft to anyone.


Have had a great experience with the team at Bitesoft! Friendly and always available to answer any questions. I’m half way through my treatment and already seeing a huge difference! Can’t wait to see the end results!! Would 100% recommend to anyone!


I am almost at the end of my treatment and i have noticed a massive difference and so have others!! not only that the people at bitesoft have been so helpful and quick to reply to any emails very quickly.. AMAZING


I am about 8 weeks into my treatment and I'm very happy with everything. I have seen a change in my teeth already and am excited to keep going.


Absolutely love my aligners! 😁 I’m on my 4th aligner and can already tell a massive difference. Very excited for my final look. 🤩 Would highly recommend. So professional, prompt and very informative and effective! AMAZING results for a very cheap price! 🤑 also live rural so having all my aligners delivered in one box is a big time and money saver 🤠 Couldn’t imagine going through this journey with any other business. 11/10, thanks bitesoft 😍✊🏽

Very nice

Finished impression kit which was nice and easy. Havnt recieved my aligners yet so i am a bit confused on why ask me to write a review at this stage. But nice experience and good communication so far.

So impressed!

Such quick delivery for my impressions kit and the response time is so fast! Always there to help me out and answer all my questions. So excited to start my Bitesoft Co journey. 😁

Great service

Very quick response with answering my questions. And helping me with the moulds. Very excited to receive my aligners :)

Very happy

I am now half way through my treatment and am very happy with the results so far. The customer service has always been amazing.

Great service!

Great customer service! Very helpful & quick. Can’t wait to receive my aligners :)

Amazing service & product!

Bitesoft have provided amazing customer service since I first made contact. I have just started my treatment and am so happy with it all. I can't wait to see the results :)
I highly recommend them :)

great customer service

I am so excited to receive my aligners! The customer care has been amazing and have been able to answer all my questions as well as assist me with a payment plan. I can't wait for my new smile in time for my wedding next year!

Super happy

It’s a daunting thing looking into having braces or Invisalign, however it has been easy and exciting using bite soft. The customer service is great and you couldn’t ask for better communication. It was very fast from the second I ordered an impression kit to when I received my aligners. I honestly couldn’t recommend this company enough, they are great!

Super helpful

Bitesoft are so easy and answer all your questions right away :) my moulds were simple and saved me from the dentist and also dentist prices! 😌


Amazing customer service, very friendly and quick response times. Could not ask for any better!

Simple And Quick

Simple, cheap, quick and easy. Just waiting on alingers now :)