What are Clear Aligners?

10 Questions about Clear Aligners answered

Let us guess, your parents spent $10,000 + on traditional braces in high school, only for you to misplace the retainer? You're not the first to watch your teeth slowly move back to its crowded position.  

Now that you are all grown up- straightening your adult teeth with braces is difficult. You’re at the peak of your dating life, making ends meet to get that university degree, and let’s face it - life is just more expensive as an adult. 

What if we told you that there was a way to achieve straight teeth, without sacrificing your current “friends with benefits” situation…

Say hola to clear aligner treatments - a series of clear aligners that slowly realign your crowded or crooked teeth. 

1. What the F%#! are Clear Aligners?

Aligners are clear trays made of thermoplastic. These plastic trays are unique 3D models created from Impressions (moulds) of your teeth. 

Orthodontists use your Impressions to create a custom treatment plan, plotting the movement of your teeth. Then, they fabricate multiple aligners to represent a different step in the treatment plan. 

2. How do these things work?

These clear aligners apply pressure to the tooth when you wear them, causing the periodontal ligament (the soft tissue between your teeth and the bone) to compress. Bones on either side of these ligaments respond by resorption and mild inflammation, creating new bone cells - Osteoclasts and Osteoblasts. Osteoclasts break down the existing bone, and osteoblasts create new bone - resulting in a realignment of the teeth. 

As each treatment plan is unique to each patient, the number of clear aligners will vary, and depend on how your teeth need to move.

3. Where the heck did clear aligners come from?

Up until 1997, enduring wires and metal brackets was the only form of straightening teeth. We can thank Zia Chishti and Kelsey Worth, two university students creating a treatment for adults wanting discreet orthodontic treatment.

Computerised models were created from a single impression - no OPG’s or in-chair visits. A treatment plan was created, and a series of custom clear aligners digitally fabricated to slowly move and straighten teeth. 

4. So, it’s just plastic? 

This is so much more than just plastic! Our goal was to create affordable clear aligners without compromising on quality. All of our clear aligners are fabricated using Zendura FLX™ material. 

  • BPA Free 
  • Recyclable 
  • Stain and crack resistant 

Using the dynamic elasticity of Zendura FLX advanced design, we are maximising the tooth-moving force while reducing the initial pressure felt by the patient, AKA faster treatment time, and less discomfort! It’s a win win. 

5. How do you create a custom treatment plan?

It all starts with a combination of white and blue putty, you do your impressions from home, and we scan your impressions, creating a digital mould. We combine this with your diagnostic records (photos and dental history) and review each individual case. 

If we think it’s a job for us, we will approve you for treatment and our orthodontists create your custom treatment plan. Our team analyse the biochemical process required to straighten your teeth, and fabricates a full treatment of clear aligners to move teeth in small, conservative and safe increments.

You will receive a 3D model of your plan, including what they will look like post treatment.

6. Can I get treatment done at an orthodontist, or is it all from home?

If you are more of a “dentist date” kind of person, be our guest!
We offer both in-chair and at home services. 

Take your impressions and complete treatment without leaving the couch, with virtual check-ins via our Bitesoft app. 


If you prefer to get started with the help of your dentist, start your teeth straightening journey with BitesoftPro™. This initial assessment includes a clean, check up, x-rays and intraoral scan. Which our team will use to create your treatment plan and aligners. Once your aligners arrive you can also complete treatment without leaving the couch, with virtual check-ins via our Bitesoft app. This process does cost a little more, starting at $2,999.

7. How much does treatment with Bitesoft Co cost?

The cost of teeth straightening with aligners is much lower than traditional wired braces. Bitesoft provides one of the most affordable Clear Aligner Treatments in Australia and New Zealand. For just $62 per fortnight, interest free, $0 deposit, you can sign up for our BitePay plan. No hidden fees. 

8. What's the difference between your Day and Night treatments?

The best part about our teeth straightening treatments is making it work with YOUR lifestyle! Our all day clear aligners allow you to straighten your teeth, without anyone knowing. Wear time is 20-22 hours per day, with an average treatment time of 4-6 months. 

Our night-time clear aligners give you the option to do it all behind closed doors. While our aligners are discrete, some prefer to transform their smile while catching those z’s. Wear time is 10-12 hours per day, with an average treatment time of 8-10 months on average. 

9. Braces vs clear aligners - are they the same?

Nope - traditional metal or ceramic braces use brackets and wires to move your teeth, while clear aligners are made from thermoplastic, allowing them to be removed. 

While both are effective teeth straightening options, they specialise in different forms of movement. Braces are generally used for severe orthodontic cases, while aligners are more adaptable to various cases including crowding correction, and expanding and widening smiles. 

To sum it up - clear aligners are 60% more affordable, have 3x faster treatment time and are discrete. Every case is unique - we recommend completing our online smile assessment form to see if we are right for you! 

10. Does it really work?

We’ve transformed thousands of smiles - see the results for yourself; Bitesoft Results

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