Bitesoft Teeth Straightening

The Bitesoft Guarantee Explained

We want you to love your new smile as much as we do, and won’t be satisfied until you are! 

Our guarantee protects your smile for life with free aligner refinements during your treatment, and long after. If you have played by the rules, and still not happy with your final results, we will give you refinement aligners for FREE - until every tooth matches the simulation. 

The rules throughout Treatment

  • Wear your aligners 22 hours per day (All Day Plan) or 10+ per day (Night Time Plan)
  • Take your weekly scan so we can assess your teeth. 
  • Follow treatment recommendations and change aligners when directed on the Dental Monitoring App.

The rules after Treatment 

As long as you replace your Bitesoft retainers every 6 months and wear them as prescribed, you will qualify for a free aligner refinement each year (if you ever need one) - that's our Lifetime Guarantee.

Why do we offer a guarantee? 

Our mission? To see confident smiles everyday. While we are confident in our treatment, we want you to feel that way too. 

“Bitesoft has gone above and beyond the standard clear aligner treatment, by developing technology and accessibility that has redefined Orthodontics in Australia and New Zealand..” says Dr. Kandil, Orthodontic Practitioner and Clear Aligner expert. 

Our treatments are customised to you - your teeth straightening goals, everyday life and work commitments. So I guess that’s the deal, we are so incredibly passionate about our treatment and advance designed Zendura FLX™ material, that we won’t stop until your pearly whites are as straight as your neighbour's white picket fence.

Our promise to you

“If you choose to join the Bitesoft clear aligner journey, and you are consistent in wearing them as per your treatment plan, says Dr Kandil, then you should get the result you want.”

We are here for you! 

Our customer care team will be your new besties! Our team is here to guide you through your journey to straight teeth. Don’t be shy - if you have a question or concern, say hi! 

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