Inclinic Clear Aligners

Introducing BitesoftPro™

Bitesoft Co have been delivering life changing smiles using advanced technology for the last few years - all without leaving the comfort of your couch. While thousands of smiles have been transformed remotely, we now can work with those who wish to leave it in the hands of their trusted dentist. 

Introducing, BitesoftPro™. Expert care, more affordable. 

Using the same advanced technology and Zendura FLX material, our team works with your nominated dentist to commence your treatment. 

How does it work? 

It’s the same process as our Bitesoft Co treatment - we retrieve details of your teeth through an x-ray / scan (rather than at-home impressions), a 3D treatment plan is created and we straighten your teeth using clear aligners. Your initial assessment is completed with your local dentist, and check-ins are completed via our Bitesoft App. 

What’s included in my BitesoftPro package? 

Your dentist will complete a full assessment check up and clean of your teeth. They will also complete an Intraoral scan, and OPG (x-ray). A complete 3D treatment plan will be provided within 3-5 days from your appointment, allowing you to see how your teeth will transform. 

  • Full assessment check up & clean
  • Intraoral scan
  • OPG (X-RAY)
  • 3D treatment plan
  • Full treatment of aligners
  • Teeth whitening and other goodies
  • 24/7 customer care

    What is BitesoftPro+? 

    We want everyone to be able to experience straight teeth, with less hassle. BitesoftPro+ is for those who may have a more severe case, requiring attachments and IPR. Our team will create a custom treatment plan for you, including IPR and attachments, and will arrange a consultation with a dentist of your choice to start treatment. BitesoftPro+ plans will cost between $3,000 - $3,900. 


    How do I get started?

    Book your appointment at your closest clinic: BOOK NOW

    Attend your appointment, complete your scans and receive your treatment plan within 3-5 business days. We will send your custom aligners, whitening and other goodies!

    Find out more or get started with BitesoftPro today.

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