Night Time Aligners

Sleep easy with Bitesoft Night Aligners!

Don’t want to wear aligners 22 hours a day? Straighten your teeth while you sleep with just 10 hours of continuous night time wear. 

Night Aligners

Our night time aligners are custom-made for each individual, and they're designed to be worn at night while you slumber.

So while you're getting well-earned rest, your night time aligners are working hard behind the scenes!

Night aligner treatment is convenient, discreet, and effective – so what are you waiting for? Book an appointment with us today!

For great results, wear aligners overnight.

With night aligners, you'll get the same great results as traditional braces just with less inconvenience – and fewer orthodontists visits! 

Wearing aligners is an easy way to fix crooked teeth and achieve a straighter smile you'll be excited to show off.

Transform Your Smile Effortlessly with Our Night Time Aligners

At Bitesoft, we believe a stunning smile shouldn't interrupt your day. That’s why we’ve mastered the art and science of night time clear aligners, offering you a hassle-free path to a smile you’ll love.

Why Choose Bitesoft for Night Time Aligners?

Effortless Convenience

Wear your aligners only at night and wake up a step closer to your perfect smile every morning.

Expert Consultations

Our orthodontists specialise in the groundbreaking technology behind night time aligners.

Premium Quality

Made from what we believe to be the most comfortable material, our night time clear aligners guarantee both comfort and effectiveness.

How Night Time Clear Aligners Works?

Order Kit: Our Impression Kit is easy to use & is an effective way to take accurate moulds of your teeth & gum line.

Custom Design: Receive your tailor-made night time aligners designed using state-of-the-art 3D imaging technology.

Nightly Transformation: Start wearing your aligners nightly and witness your smile transform effortlessly.

Don't Let Your Smile Wait for Tomorrow, When You Can Transform It Tonight

The future of dental care is here and now. With Bitesoft’s night time clear aligners, you don’t have to choose between a busy life and a beautiful smile. It’s time to take control, to choose convenience without compromise.

Ready to unlock a world where you can look your best without putting your life on hold? Then let Bitesoft be your guiding star in the night time aligners revolution for dental excellence.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a difference between all day and night time aligners?


We offer two options for our aligners: the All Day Aligners and the Night Time Aligners. It's important to note that these aligners are not meant to be worn interchangeably throughout the day and night. The All Day Aligners are designed to be worn continuously throughout the day, while the Night Aligners are only worn during the night.

The choice between day and night aligners comes down to personal preference. It's worth exploring both options with our dental team to find the ideal strategy for achieving your desired result!

How long are night time aligners worn?


Night time aligners offer a practical and convenient way to achieve your dream smile. Generally, these aligners are worn for 10-12 months to get your teeth into the correct alignment. 

We'll work with you to determine the exact duration of use based on your individual needs, so consult with them if you need more clarity on how long patients should wear them.

How do night time aligners straighten teeth?


Night-time aligners are a type of dental device that patients can use to correct common misalignments and overcrowding.

They work by applying continuous pressure on the teeth over time, gradually moving them into the desired position.

Night time aligners are comfortable to wear because they're made from clear, BPA-free plastic rather than metal like traditional braces. As the name suggests, patients should typically wear them overnight for best results.

Research shows that night time aligners can be as effective as conventional braces when correcting misalignments and overcrowding, so if you're looking for an alternative way to straighten your teeth, this might be a great option!

Benefits of Wearing Night time Aligners


Ideal for work environments

The duration of treatment for our aligners varies depending on the type. The all-day aligners typically take 4-6
months to complete, while the night time aligners take longer at 8-10 months. This is because the night time
aligners are only worn for half the duration of the day, hence the extended treatment period. However night time
aligners are perfect for those who are unable to wear their aligners during the day due to work commitments. 

Cost-effective night time treatment

Our night time aligners, which are worn for half the duration of the all day aligners, are priced the same as our all-day aligners at $2,799AUD. In fact, they are also significantly more affordable than traditional aligners, with a cost that is approximately 60% lower.

Looking To Straighten Your Teeth with Bitesoft? 

Whether you’re looking for dental monitoring scanbox, night aligners or clear aligners in Brisbane, clear aligners in Sydney or any other cities across Australia, Bitesoft Co will give you something to smile about!


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