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BitesoftPro TM Package

Not confident doing your Impressions from home?
Visit your local Dentist for your initial consultation.

How does it work? Is my Dentist A BitesoftPro Provider?

Expert care,
made affordable.

How does it work?

Step by step

- Let us know which BitesoftPro Partner is closest to you
- We will contact them to set up your appointment
- Pay for your package $2,650
- Attend your appointment
- Receive your treatment plan within 3-5 business days
- Receive your Aligners, whitening and other goodies
- Checkin via our Bitesoft App

What's included in your BitesoftPro Package?

- Full Assessment Check Up & Clean
- Intraoral Scan
- 3D Treatment Plan
- Full Treatment of Aligners
- Teeth whitening and other goodies
- 24/7 Customer Care

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