Bitesoft Co Clear Aligners

How Bitesoft Co is transforming thousands of smiles a year!

You can FINALLY say goodbye to painful teeth straightening, the anxiety of appointments with the orthodontist and the chunky metal mouths. Clear Aligners are the new way of the teeth straightening world, and they are changing the game really fast. 

Licensed dentists and orthodontists are an essential part of teeth straightening, and we would NEVER take them out of the equation (or for granted), but, the dental industry as we traditionally know it has generally been reluctant to change, until the last few years. 

“I would rather have crooked teeth than braces as an adult”

It’s a harsh statement, but unfortunately true in so many cases for adults wanting to feel free from the burden of crooked teeth. Having braces is an extremely big commitment - with the monthly appointments and costing between $10,000 to $12,000. Despite the high financial implications, and time spent straightening those pearly whites, this should NOT mean you have to say #ciao to the straight smile you’ve always dreamt of (and we, Bitesoft, come into it). 

Then, the world welcomed Invisible Braces 

Can we get three cheers for Zia Chishti? (Hip, hip hip, hooray!) The founder of Align Technology (AKA Invisalign) and the powerful force behind the Invisible Braces movement. How did he get this genius idea? Post orthodontic treatment, Zia received a retainer, that turned into a thought - if this thing could keep his teeth straight, why can’t it straighten teeth in a series of movements too? And so, the first Invisible Braces treatment began in 1999. 

Where does Bitesoft fit in?

Fast forward to 2018, and Bitesoft Co was born. Taking the concept of Zia Chishti’s Invisible Braces to a whole new level. In Australia, this treatment was no different to receiving metal braces (just less visible), with appointments still required with the orthodontist, and the average treatment the same price as metal braces. Other than the cosmetic benefits and convenience of removing the aligners, there was no real difference in treatment from metal braces. Bitesoft Co needed to remove the appointments to the orthodontist, and work with a concept that allowed our patients to do it all from home with the guidance of our orthodontic team remotely. 

How does it work? 

Direct to consumer (D2C) dentistry is an orthodontic treatment, offered remotely. Our patients complete an at-home impression kit, which is returned to our orthodontists, allowing them to create a custom treatment plan and clear aligners, just as your orthodontist would do in-practice. By removing the visits to the orthodontist, the treatments are more affordable and less uncomfortable - with the overall process taking just 4-6 months on average. 

What's the difference?

Our clear aligners work the same way as braces - applying pressure to the tooth allowing movement, ultimately straightening them. This pressure causes the periodontal ligament to compress. Bones on the side of these ligaments respond by resorption, mild inflammation occurs and creates two new bone cells. These are called osteoclasts and osteoblasts. Osteoclasts break down existing bone and osteoblasts create new bone, resulting in realignment of the teeth. You can read more about it here.

And the difference? They are made from Zendura FLX material, an advanced design maximising the tooth-moving force, while reducing the initial pressure felt by the patient. This material is a crack resistant, stain resistant, BPA free and removable thermoplastic (yep, that means no saying goodbye to your favourite foods). 

Not only can you now say goodbye to orthodontic appointments, without saying goodbye to your favourite foods and life savings. 

Mild to Moderate is the new black.

The focus has always been on the complex cases, with braces the traditional form of rectifying severe overcrowding, under and overbites. We are changing that, by targeting patients with mild to moderate cases, an area that has been overlooked in practice previously. 

It’s time to bring back confidence 

Bitesoft’s Clear Aligner treatment is finally providing relief for those who have endured the pain of crooked teeth. Our mission? To eradicate the typical fear filled, clinical marketing messages we see from dental companies, and replace them with fun, educational campaigns promoting confidence. 

We welcome you to the BiteClub, and can’t wait to be part of your teeth straightening journey.

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