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Take a look at the science behind Bitesoft

Am I a Candidate?

So what are clear aligners...

Clear aligners for teeth are essentially clear thermoplastic trays. Each set of aligners are unique 3D models designed to shift the position of your teeth. Clear aligners apply pressure to the tooth and cause the periodontal ligament to compress. Bones on the side of these ligaments respond by resorption, mild inflammation occurs and creates two new bone cells. These are called osteoclasts and osteoblasts. Osteoclasts break down existing bone and osteoblasts create new bone, resulting in realignment of the teeth. 

So how do you create my treatment plan?

We scan your teeth impressions and create digital moulds, combining this with your diagnostic records we then review your individual case. Once reviewed and approved for treatment, we then design your treatment plan. This is created by our Orthodontic team who analyses the biochemical process required to straighten your teeth gently and gradually. Each set of clear aligners is built to move teeth in small, conservative and safe increments. Following your treatment plan correctly will cause your teeth to move fully into the desired position and that completes the active phase of your plan. Retainers are used for ongoing maintenance and are essential following the active phase.

Breaking down the material we use...

Innovative new three layer construction

Our goal was to create affordable clear aligners without compromising on quality. All of our clear aligners are built using Zendura FLX™ material. This material is an advanced design that maximises the tooth-moving force, whilst reducing the initial pressure felt by the patient. This is created using the dynamic elasticity of Zendura FLX™ and has completely redefined performance standards for all clear aligner materials.

1. Crack Resistance

Poorly made aligners often crack very easily during removal and cleaning. We build our clear aligner using Zendura FLX™ which has a tough polymer backbone whilst holding the reputation as the most crack resistant material. 

2. Stain Resistance

Frequent exposure to oils, coffee and staining agents can result in staining of plastics and teeth. This can cause yellowing, staining and structural damage to some clear aligners. Zendura FLX™ is strenuously tested against staining agents and heat.

3. Clarity

By combining high optical transmissions and high stain resistance, Zendura FLX™ maintains a crystal clear appearance when worn. Ensuring each clear aligner is built with the highest level of optical clarity and retention.