Additional Treatment Procedures

Some cases may require IPR or attachments in order to fully align the teeth. If your case does require additional treatment you will be given this information along with your 3D treatment plan after your Initial Assessment. There will be a small additional cost for IPR and attachments to pay for your chair time at the clinic. Not sure what IPR and attachments are, or how they work? Take a look below.

Interproximal Reduction (IPR)

Opting for Bitesoft Clear Aligners to correct your teeth alignment may involve your cosmetic dentist initially preparing your teeth to guarantee sufficient space for movement and enhance your bite. One technique employed for this preparation is interproximal reduction (IPR), also known as stripping or enamel reduction. This minimally invasive procedure utilizes flexible strips or a diamond-coated disc to delicately eliminate small amounts of enamel in crowded areas or around crowded teeth. This allows your clear aligners to facilitate more effective movement of the teeth. It’s a quick and painless process that’s only performed on certain teeth for an overall better result.

IPR Questions Answered

Do all cases require IPR?
No, not all cases require IPR. We will be able to determine if your case requires IPR throughout the treatment planning process.

Is it painful?
Absolutely not. IPR should never be painful.

Will I have sensitivity after having IPR done?
We only take the smallest amount of enamel off of the side of your teeth so it will not cause sensitivity.

How long does it take?
It does depend on how much IPR is needed but the appointment will usually take 15-45minutes.

What is the cost of IPR?
The minimum cost for your IPR appointment is $100. Each lot of IPR is $25 per aligner


Attachments are small ridges made of resin material (what is used when you get a filing) that are bonded to your teeth. They are tooth-colored, so they blend in well with your enamel, and come in various shapes and sizes depending on their function.

Attachments Questions Answered

Will the attachments damage my teeth?
Absolutely not.

How many attachments will I need?
It does depend on your case. We will have all of the information outlined in your treatment plan before commencement of treatment.

What is the cost of attachments?
Each attachment costs $25

Is there a cost to have them removed?
There is, the cost is $100


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