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Post Treatment Retainers


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Picture this… It’s Summer time, your teeth are straight, you’re smiling in photos and you don’t cover your mouth while laughing now. You’re loving this new, confident, smiley you!

We want you to keep loving the new, confident and smiley you. Just as easy as it is for that person from highschool to slide into your DM’s, is as easy as it is for your teeth to slide back into their old positions we have just corrected! Okay maybe not as easy, but you get the point right? This is why you need to wear your custom set of retainers to prevent your teeth from sliding back into their old positions. 

Retainers are to be worn for a 6 week passive healing phase and then for a minimum of 8 hours per night indefinitely afterwards. 

> First Two Weeks Post Treatment: 22 hours per day

> Third and Fourth Week Post Treatment: 18 hours per day

> Fifth and Sixth Week Post Treatment: 12-14 hours per day

After this time, your retainer and you will live happily ever after for a minimum of 8 hours at night, it’s easy to slip them in at night, so there is no reason why your teeth will start to shift back towards their original positions.

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