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Clear Smile Aligners


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Your new Bitesoft Co. prescribed Clear Aligners have been designed to deliver amazing teeth straightening results in an average of just 6 months. Using the most superior Aligner material on the market Zendura Flex, it is optimized to combine the best comfort possible along with accurate, pin point tooth movement. 

If you would like to check out via our Payment Plan provider, please contact our friendly customer care team:

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  • Both Arches
  • Top Arch
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    Full refund if you’re not a candidate

    No office visits required

    No commitment to buy aligners

    Support available 7 days a week, 9am-7pm EST

Orthodontics Redefined

Dr. Lynn Hurst

Candid Chief Orthodontist Dr. Lynn Hurst

Full refund if you’re not a candidate


Why wait? Take our fast track option and purchase your aligners now and save some serious cash. You’ll receive a free impression kit + $150 off your aligners.

Wanting to pay via our BitePay interest free plan? Please email our care team at . We will assist you with setting up your payment plan as it cannot be done via the Bitesoft Co website.

Model showing off aligners

How it works

Show us your teeth

Take moulds of your teeth at home with an Impression Kit.

Get your clear aligners

They’ll come with everything you need for treatment including our free teeth whitening foam.

Check in from anywhere

Your orthodontist will track your progress via the Bitesoft Co remote monitoring mobile app.

Bitesoft Clear Aligners

Bitesoft vs. competitors

PriceAdvanced remote monitoringAussie owned and operated.



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See results in 6 months on average

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Orthodontics Redefined

Dr. Lynn Hurst

Orthodontics Redefined

Remote care at your fingertips

12 years of experience
Experts in aligner therapy
Trained in remote check ins -
via the Bitesoft Co mobile app

Customer reviews

Based on 172 reviews

I am so happy with my results from BiteSoft. My treatment plan was 9 months, it was so easy and the customer service was fantastic! I am thrilled to finally have straight teeth! I have now finished my treatment and am awating my final retainers. Thanks again BiteSoft!


I’m happy with the time period it took to complete the treatment and the cost. I’m about to start wearing my final retainers - I’m excited to be able to show off my teeth proper soon!

Amazing product and great customer service

The plan was so easy to follow and I saw results almost straight away.
Alexis was amazing and would answer any questions I had as well as always replying fast.
Definitely will be recommending bitesoft co to all family and friends.

Excellent Customer Service! Support Australian Business. Best Aligners Provider indeed!

I am yet to receive my aligners however, I commend the great customer service I have been receiving from BiteSoftCo! Alexis the specialist has been so down to earth and has helped me through the process! From the moment I read about the company on the news, to dealing with them directly, I'd say they're getting 5 stars from me! If you're still deciding on whether or not this is the right Aligners provider for you, I'd say look no further! Support our fellow Australian business to thrive! I look forward to joining the BiteClub soon! :D

Great results!

My experience with Bitesoft has been fantastic! Great customer service and the whole process has been so easy. I am so happy with my results and can't believe how amazing my teeth look now :)

Done with ease

I have just finished my 6 months treatment with Bitesoft and found the whole process from start to finish great, from doing my impressions to getting my aligners the Bitesoft team and Alexis have been great.

Amazing customer service!

My experience with BiteSoft has been great from the get go! I was abit nervous with starting this whole process & it took me a couple times to get my impressions right, but Alexis was very patient and super helpful! And communication & response time is awesome, sometimes even instantaneous! Can’t wait to start my journey and see my results! 😄 Would definitely reccomend to anyone looking to straighten their smile 😁 Thank you so much Alexis & the BiteSoft team! Keep up the good work!🙌🏽

Successful Straightening and closing gaps

I recommend bitesoft so highly !! I had 3 months of aligners on my top and bottom teeth. I needed to straighten my teeth up and close in gaps, they did such a great job in such a short time. They are super helpful and reply to all questions very quickly. So happy with the results!

Changed my life

Bitesoft is an absolutely amazing product, supported by splendid staff who make an otherwise daunting task, very easy! Alexis is a pleasure to deal with and I couldn’t be happier with the product or service! I would (and will) recommend Bitesoft to anyone who will listen.

Amazing customer service!

I just wanted to write a quick review about the team’s customer service. From when I first wanted to sign up to the treatment to where I am now (ready for the alignments to be shipped) has been such a quick and easy process. The team have been so lovely (sometimes getting back to my late emails over the weekend). Any questions or inquiries I had about the treatment were answered perfectly and so fast! I can not wait to start the process! Bite soft team are awesome!

Super pleased

Im on the last set of aligners and I have to say how amazing the entire process has been. Alexis' customer service has been the best! She has been so helpful throughout the whole process.
Getting the aligners has been exciting. My teeth shifted pretty quickly. I was issued 7 aligners and the process only took 3.5 months. Its worth every penny. I've been self-conscious of my teeth my entire life and this has been my best choice by far.
I do have to say at first it is draughting wearing aligners. The initial pressure on your jaw takes a while to get used to. But eventually you do, especially when you see results. No pain means no gain. Its so exciting to see my teeth move right before my eyes.
Thank you Bitesoft and thank you Alexis.
I highly recommend this product!!!

Seamless assistance

I have just finalized my treatment plan and am currently waiting for the aligners to be fabricated. The whole process from evaluation of whether I’m a candidate to confirming my treatment plan has been a breeze, the customer service from Alexis is outstanding. I feel so confident and informed of my decision to proceed. Can’t recommend Bitesoft co enough

Such amazing customer service! Alexis was so friendly with any questions I had and got back to me super fast which was also great. Such an easy process and just overall so amazing. Cannot wait until my aligners arrive!

Awesome customer service, great product

The process so far with Bitesoft has been great - Alexis is super friendly and helpful (and local to Australia which is a big tick) and gets back to you in quickly, considering it seems she manages all the enquiries solo!

I'm doing the NightBite treatment and on to the 4th set and going great so far. I pondered over whether to go ahead with a DIY kit or Invisilign - I'm so glad I went with this and chose Bitesoft,

Closed the gaps!

I had a large gap in my bottom teeth that really bothered me, and was getting larger with time. Bitesoft has really made all the difference. An easy, non-invasive way to straighten teeth. I recommend to everyone!

Love it

Loved the improvements these aligners have made to my teeth, highly recommended.


Best experience ever, my teeth were the Bain of my existence and was not co dude that’s at all, now my teeth give me more confidence in smiling. They don’t also don’t hassle you at all and answer any questions rapidly. I was told my teeth would cost $10k with 5 years, but this was way cheaper and it only took 7 months!

So happy!!

I can’t believe the difference In my teeth!! Thank you!


I’m on my second set of aligners and I can already see results. I’m so happy and glad I chose to do this for my teeth. I can’t wait for the final results :)

Great service!

From my first enquiry the bite soft co team have been so great and super quick to respond to messages and emails answering any question I had. I am excited to start my treatment plan as soon as my aligners arrive!

Amazing customer service

Alexis has been so helpful with all of my questions, which gave me confidence to order the impression kit. I’ve now had my treatment plan approved so I can wait to receive my aligners and watch my smile transform.

Amazing results

Absolutely amazing results, never thought my teeth would be straight. It was so straight forward and easy. They really care about how you are going and check up on you. Would 100% recommend, never felt so confident!

straighten my teeth is so easy with Bitesoft Co!

I am so glad to straighten my teeth with Bitesoft. The process is so simple and easy . Within a month, I have already noted that my front teeth are moving closer together and closing the gap between them!!The result is amazing,
I m so excited for my new smile!!! Highly recommended for every one.

Experience so Far.

I am so excited to begin my treatment plan with bite soft co, the overall process from navigating the website, to purchasing is simple, informative and the customer service is second to none. Thank you Alexis and bite soft co for making this a wonderful experience to date. I cannot wait to share my results with you in the coming months.

Best Customer Service

So happy and excited to start my new smile
journey. Alexis has been amazing with any question I have to get everything organized. Highly recommend!!

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