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Say Hello to the ScanBox.

Fasten your treatment and improve remote monitoring using AI technology.

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The future of remote monitoring

Take a scan of your mouth, and let the one-of-a-kind AI technology do it’s thing. The ScanBox allows our orthodontists to track your treatment, as if you were sitting in the dentist chair. This device is compact enough to put in your travel bag, and will allow you to send in A+ progress photos.

The AI technology estimates tooth movement, and detects any underlying oral health conditions you may be unaware of. Not only does it send clear progress photos to our team, but will prompt you to move onto your next aligner if your treatment is progressing faster (rather than having to wait until the full 14 days).

To break it down, faster treatment and more efficient remote monitoring which reduces the need for refinement aligners at the end of your plan.

The future of patient monitoring - the ScanBox Pro has proven to be the leading remote patient monitoring in the world, with over 1 billion+ patient photographs to date and powered by the largest dental imaging database. Detecting 130+ oral conditions including hygiene, gym disease and tooth movement - the ScanBox has redefined remote treatment monitoring.