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Introducing BitesoftPro TM

Oral health care is best when it's comprehensive. That's why we are partnering with Dentists to ensure every patient receives the highest-quality care.

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Treat more patients than ever

BitesoftPro is unlike anything else in the clear aligner industry at the moment. With our industry leading remote technology and strong partnerships we are able to ensure exceptional patient outcomes, drastically increase revenue for practices and deliver comprehensive care safely, conveniently and effectively.

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The mission

The mission is simple. Create a system that delivers straight, healthy and affordable smiles.

Clinical care

Our network of orthodontists tailor treatment plans specifically for individual patients.
You start the case and our clinical care team provides support for the treatment.

The technology

Our technology uses data from 3-D scans and OPG X-rays, making it possible for our team of clinicians to safely and effectively move teeth.

Smile movement

With thousands of cases across Australia and New Zealand, Bitesoft has only just begun. Grow with us and drastically see an increase in the number of new patients visit your clinic.

1. We’ll bring the patients to your clinic.

2. Patient will receive an assessment, clean, Intraoral scan and X-Ray.

3. All files and patient data will be uploaded to our BitesoftPro digital doctor portal.

4. You’ll get paid by us.


Track progress through the Bitesoft App.

More predictable outcomes, easy and real time customer service. All through our Bitesoft app.

  • Doctors are able to follow patients journey through the Bitesoft app portal with fortnightly photo uploads.

  • Bitesoft’s dedicated customer care team handles ALL patient enquiries within minutes, only escalating to you when necessary.

  • More predictable outcomes as both the app and constant messaging from our team limits patients error and non compliance.

Our Tech

Bitesoft utilises cutting edge technology to provide the highest quality Clear Aligners for thousands of customers. Backed by science and driven by R&D to keep improving our manufacturing process and materials. Our goal was to create affordable clear aligners without compromising on quality. All of our clear aligners are fabricated using Zendura FLX™ material. This material is an advanced design that maximises the tooth-moving force, whilst reducing the initial pressure felt by the patient.


Local care, 24/7.

Thanks to the Bitesoft App, our patient monitoring and our expert support team, we'll stay connected with your patients and help them progress through treatment – all with fewer office visits.

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Assessment and clean


Intraoral scan

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How do I become a BitesoftPro partner clinic?

Just fill out the form here and our partner manager will be in touch with you soon.

Who can apply to be a BitesoftPro partner?

Anyone can become a partner, however, we prefer clinicians with experience in Clear Aligner therapy. For those without a strong background, we do have our digital training module that you’ll have to undertake.

What do I actually have to do?

We’ll bring the patients and leads you do the assessment, clean, Intraoral scan and panoramic radiograph... simple!

Where does the Bitesoft partner network operate?

We operate from our HQ on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland.

Is an Orthdontist involved in the treatment planning?

Of course! All treatment plans are created by our partner Orthodontists.

How do I upload the patient files?

We are fully digital and have our BitesoftPro doctor portal. You’ll be able to upload all files to that portal for our team to do the treatment planning.

Will I be able to monitor the patients during their treatment?

You’ll be able to track the patient’s progress at any time on the BitesoftPro doctor portal, where patients upload their photos fortnightly. Our technology and care team expertise reduces patient error and non-compliance for more predictable outcomes.

Is there a fee to become a BitesoftPro partner?

No, there are no joining fees to be part of our network.

What do I get paid for?

You get paid for the full BitsoftPro premium package.