Bitesoft Co Invisible Aligners

What are Bitesoft Co invisible aligners?

Our invisible aligners are made of thermoplastic that is BPA and phthalate-free, durable and totally invisible when worn. Each step is designed to move your teeth gently & gradually until we’ve reached the desired end result.

How do Bitesoft Co Invisible aligners straighten teeth?

Aligners work by using careful force to move your teeth into a new position. Each set of aligners is a custom 3D-printed model of the teeth designed to move them into different positions along the way to the desired end result.

How do I know if I’m a good fit for Bitesoft Co?

Every Bitesoft Co order begins with a free Smile Assessment, followed by a remote impression kit. Our invisible aligner system is designed for minor to moderate correction, including space between teeth, crowding, rotations, and some bite correction.

NightBite Invisible Aligners

Is nighttime invisible aligner therapy safe?

It sure is. Like any treatment plan, patients should follow what is prescribed. In this case it is 10 consecutive hours of wear per night. While the average time of treatment may be longer than our standard 20-22 hour a day aligner treatment, this discreet alternative will safely achieve the desired results.

How are the NightBite Aligners different from Bitesoft Co’s standard Invisible aligner treatment plan?

These night time aligners provide an easier treatment plan for customers with mild to moderate spacing and crowding issues. Our custom-made, BPA-free Invisible aligners will safely straighten your teeth with a minimum of 10-12 hours of wear each night.

  • Our standard 20-22hour a day aligner treatment is a more fast & convenient option for customers that are needing a smile adjustment quickly.

So, why should I try the NightBite Invisible Aligners?

  • Convenience: You can achieve the smile of your dreams with an average of 10-12 hour wear time a night.

  • Price: Our NightBite Invisible Aligners cost up to 65% less than braces or other aligners out there. We’ll give you an amazing smile for the single flat fee.

  • Accessibility: Customers using our NightBite Invisible Aligners may have a lifestyles that holds them back from wearing the standard aligners throughout the day. These customers now have the chance to only focus on  aligning their teeth throughout the night. 

NightBite aligners allows you to achieve a more discreet teeth straightening solution for customers who cannot commit to 20-22 hours of daily wear.

Am I a candidate?