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Why Bitesoft co?

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Why Bitesoft co?

It’s not enough that we provide clear aligners to our customers. Even if they are the best clear aligners you could ever have, if it will not be coupled with excellent customer service, then you are just wasting your money. We know that aligners are not like an over the counter product you just buy and pay and use. You need assistance from Day 1 to the last treatment session and in between.
Here is why you should entrust your Orthodontics to Bitesoft co.

We Stay Connected

Once you receive your aligners you are going to have some questions regarding treatment. You will DEFINITELY be needing someone to talk to.
Bitesoft co. has a dedicated care team to service your queries. You can connect with us via phone, video call and through our social media channels. Don’t worry, because you will not be limited with time. As you connect with us, we will answer your concerns the fastest way we can.
Our service does not stop upon endorsement of your clear aligners. It will continue until you feel comfortable and confident wearing them all the way through to post treatment. We mean business and we would like you to get the most out of your investment.
Always feel free to connect with us.

We Only Allow Orthodontic experts To Handle Your Case

This sounds absurd, but the truth is there are companies out there that are aren’t using trained Orthodontic experts. You don’t want to end up with these companies, do you?
At Bitesoft co. you don’t have to have the fear of who you’re talking or transacting with is a trained in the diagnostics of tooth movement.. We follow a strict work ethic and we don’t want to risk our credibility on wrong practices. Our board have a proven track record of 15 years; you are guaranteed to be handled by professionals.

We Keep an Eye Even to Small Details

While our team gets busy on your clear aligners & treatment planning, our staff keep an eye to other specifics, big and small. We put our best foot forward to every little detail whether it’s the packaging of your aligners, the freebies inside your package, and other things we know will help you maximize the use of your clear aligners.

We Follow a Customer Minded Approach

We hear you out. We listen. We do not just insist our ideas. Instead, we collaborate and make you part of every decision. Yes, we have Orthodontists who are experts and can manage your concerns; but since we follow a customer minded approach, we make sure your thoughts are not taken for granted.
We believe in a happy, healthy future, where everybody can have a beautiful smile. That’s why we always have your concerns in mind.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

We won’t leave you hanging. If in case we do not satisfy you (which is highly unlikely to happen), we will supply extra aligners free of charge; given you send in regular progress shots for us to track your teeth movement. This is how dedicated we are to our customers.

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