give $150, get $150

give $150, get $150

It could be payday, everyday with our new #BiteClub referral program. Share the gift of a new smile, giving others $150 off clear aligner treatment, while earning $150 for yourself.


How it works

  • Click the link and add your email to receive a custom referral link.

  • anyone that receives the link can enter their email to receive $150 off our clear aligner treatment. They must provide this referral code to a Bitesoft Co team member to redeem. 

  • Once they have completed their purchase, you will receive an email to receive your $150, as a thank you for referring a new patient. 

  • Select your preferred voucher option - available in Visa cards, Kmart, Jb-Hifi, Priceline and other major stores throughout Australia. 

  • Share again! There is no limit as to how many times you refer or how much you earn.

    Get started here today.
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