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10 Tips on How to Clean your Clear Aligners

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Coronavirus means business. It is determined to destroy humanity. So as humans, we do everything we can to combat this virus. Apart from staying home and avoiding crowded places, hygiene is another essential aspect to look at. Sad to say, this is something basic but often ignored.

When it comes to dental hygiene, experts are asking for our cooperation in doing this very basic thing. That is to replace our toothbrushes every three to four months. Don’t wait for bacteria to enter your system before you take this seriously.

Now, let’s talk about cleaning your clear aligners at home. How do you clean them? Or do you even bother to clean them regularly and correctly? Here’s one crucial reminder: Whether you are removing them or positioning them in your mouth, make sure you’ve washed your hands first.

Now, let’s get down to business.

Rinse Properly After Wearing

Rinsing your clear aligner is one thing, but rinsing them properly is another. It’s not enough that you rinse them in water or let them stay in a glass with water while you eat. Proper cleaning includes the use of your aligner cleaner. Gently brush them with your cleaner and rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water. Do it after each wear and not just at night.

Use Proper Cleaning Agents

Commercial toothpaste has a chemical component that may destroy your aligners. It can cause abrasions or scratches. You will damage your aligners if you continue using toothpaste or other cleaning agents. Only use the aligner cleaner included in your kit.

Clean with Lukewarm Water

Although your clear aligners are fabricated with the strongest material on the market, washing your aligners with boiling water will cause damage or reduce it’s durability.

Avoid Using Sharp Objects When Cleaning Them

Yes, you want to make sure there is no food or anything left when you’re cleaning them. So, you use a sharp object to brush off the interiors. Even if you are gentle in using that sharp object, you will still damage your aligners, so please don’t do it! Always adhere to the instructions in your kit and use only your toothbrush to clean them.

Avoid Biting Your Aligner

Especially for the new ones. You may not be used to wearing your almost invisible aligners; that’s why you keep on biting then to make them stay in position. Doing this will damage both your aligner and your teeth.

Don’t Forget to Remove them When Eating

The primary reason why you need to remove your aligners while eating is to feel comfortable. It’s a bother having them in while chewing your favorite steak and chewing on sharp foods may cause them to crack. Also, you might be sipping drinks that can be harmful to your aligner; like hot coffee or drinks with strong alcoholic contents.

Store in a Cool Dry Place

So, where do you put your aligners while your eating? Stop putting it on the sink, beside the toothbrushes, or even inside the fridge! Store it inside your case, that’s what it’s for! Store in a cool, dry place. Clear aligners need to maintain a certain level of temperature to retain its firmness. Not keeping them dry will also invite bacteria to build-up.

Clean Your Teeth Before Wearing

No matter how clean your aligners may be, if you forgot to clean your teeth, it will just transfer the food for your teeth to your aligners and will invite bacteria to hang around. Make it a habit to brush your teeth before wearing your aligners. Do not just brush but floss your teeth too, so all trapped food particles are gone.

Always Check the Life Span

Clear aligners follow a specific prescription span. You need to replace them as scheduled; otherwise, your teeth will not turn out like your treatment plan. Instead of them serving their purpose, they will just magnify the problem. Say, you will be on a long trip, make sure you considered the span of your aligners.

Let Bitesoft co. Take Care of You

Here at Bitesoft co., we remind you of these things. We know how busy you are, and we don’t want this to add to your long To-Do list.

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