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Getting started

How do I order the Impression Kit?

Head to the product page and follow the prompts. All Impression Kits are sent out via AusPost Express so they will be with you in no time. 

How do I contact Bitesoft?

We are available 7 days a week between 8am-5pm AEST. Use our contact form or find us on social media!

What comes in the Impression Kit?

Your Bitesoft Impression Kit is filled with goodies! You’ll find the following in there:

  • Instruction manual
  • Smile stretcher (for your intraoral photos)
  • 8 tubs of putty
  • 4 trays
  • Gloves
  • Prepaid AusPost Express return stachel for your completed Impressions

Why were my Impressions rejected?

Your Impressions are the most important part of your Clear Aligner journey. These Impressions are the basis for a digital model your Orthodontist will use to create a customer treatment plan. The level of anatomical detail this provides is a key factor to your treatment.

We will ask you to redo your Impressions when they don’t capture the position or shape of your teeth to the level of detail required. 

It’s important to take care when completing your Impressions to avoid having to redo them and delay your Clear Aligner treatment. 

Why were my photos rejected?

It’s important when taking your intraoral photos that you ensure the quality is high and the lighting is natural. Avoid using flash photography.

Do I have to do the Impressions Kit or can I just buy the Clear Aligners?

All patients are required to complete the Impressions Kit, we are unable to fabricate Clear Aligners or a treatment plan without the Impressions. Although if you purchase your Clear Aligners we will send you an Impression Kit free of charge. 


How do I see if I am eligible for Clear Aligners?

Easy peasy! Check out our FREE 30 second Smile Assessment once you’ve filled that out our team will be in contact with you shortly after. 

Why wouldn’t someone be eligible for Clear Aligners?

Bitesoft Clear Aligners are suited for mild to severe malocclusions. We treat severe cases with a BitesoftPro partner clinic, located throughout Australia. 

How old do I have to be to receive treatment?

We treat patients from 14 years old, however we do have to ensure that you have lost all of your baby teeth and if you are under 18 years of age we require parental consent. 

I have wisdom teeth that need to be removed, can I still be treated?

We ask that our patients have their wisdom teeth removed if they are causing pain. Once the gums have healed from the removal we can then treat you and realign your smile. This does not mean you need your wisdom teeth removed if you want to take part in treatment, we can still treat you if you have wisdom teeth and they aren’t causing discomfort.

I have a permanent retainer, can I still be treated?

We ask that any patients wanting to undergo treatment have their permanent retainer removed. Unfortunately we are unable to align your smile if the retainer is still in place. 

Removing a permanent retainer is usually a simple and painless procedure.

My tooth is fractured, can I still be treated?

No, unfortunately you will need to have your tooth fixed before taking part in treatment. 

Can I have dental work done throughout my treatment?

Your regular dental hygienist clean is absolutely fine. However if you require a more complicated procedure please contact us as soon as possible.

Does Bitesoft use attachments or buttons?

Attachments or buttons may be required for more complex cases. We work with some of Australia’s leading dentists to treat cases of this kind with one of our BitesoftPro partner clinics.

Will I be refunded if I am not eligible for Clear Aligner treatment with Bitesoft?

Unfortunately not everyone is suitable for treatment with Bitesoft Clear Aligners. Once we receive your Impressions back and after Orthodontic review if your teeth are deemed not eligible for treatment we will refund the cost of your Impressions Kit in full. 

Bitesoft Clear Aligners

What are Bitesoft Clear Aligners?

Bitesoft Clear Aligners are custom made thermo-plastic plates that work by applying pressure to the teeth resulting in movement and realignment of your teeth. 

How do Bitesoft Clear Aligners move my teeth?

Our Bitesoft Clear Aligners work by using calibrated force to align your teeth into a new position, this forces the body to adapt by remodeling the bone. 

Basically, when pressure is applied to a tooth, the periodontal ligament or PDL (a group of connective tissue fibers that attach the tooth to the alveolar bone) compresses and the bone on the side receiving the pressure responds by resorption. Following this process and the inflammation that occurs during the body’s attempt to heal, two kinds of bone cells are produced:

Osteoclasts - These cells break down existing bone on the compressed side of the periodontal ligament.

Osteoblasts - These cells build new bone on the stretched side of the periodontal ligament. 

Each Clear Aligner will move your teeth in small, safe and conservative increments. This is done over your specific estimated treatment time and monitored by our Orthodontists throughout the course of treatment. 

Want to know more? Visit Our Science page. 

What are Bitesoft Clear Aligners made from?

All of our Clear Aligners are made from Zendura™ FLX. Our material used is BPA free.

We fabricate our Clear Aligners using Zendura™ FLX because we believe that aligner therapy should be:

Firm, but gentle.

Comfortable to wear.

Invisible and stay clear throughout treatment. 

Zendura™ FLX surpasses most commercial plastic materials as many don’t offer elasticity, so when damaged or moved their ability to rebound to the original state is extremely limited. 

The specially designed elastomeric layer of Zendura™ FLX provides our Clear Aligners with the unique ability to recover from any additional movement, or damage from the opposing dental arch and allows our Clear Aligners to move and mould specifically with your mouth. 

Zendura™ FLX is truly a unique material. The only Clear Aligner construction that is specifically designed to generate lower force on initial insertion, yet provide the elastic recovery that achieves a greater tooth moving force over time than possible when compared to standard thermoplastic materials. 

Want to know a bit more? Visit Our Science page.


Do Bitesoft Clear Aligners hurt?

Discomfort at the beginning of your treatment is normal and as you get used to wearing an aligner you’ll notice this subside. Each new set of aligners can cause mild discomfort and this is why we recommend using your chewies to help your mouth adjust faster and to relieve some pressure. 

Can I choose to straighten only my Top or Bottom Teeth?

Of course! You still need to do an Impression for both arches, as it’s important to make sure your occlusion (bite) is healthy at the end of treatment. 

How long does Bitesoft Clear Aligner treatment take?

Depending on your teeth, the severity of your alignment and whether you follow your treatment plan completely, we tend to see results vary from 4-12 months. 

How often do I wear my Bitesoft Clear Aligners?

Everyday for 20-22 hours or 10-12 hours if you are using the Night Time Clear Aligners. Only to be removed for cleaning, brushing, flossing and whitening folks!

How often do I change my Bitesoft Clear Aligners?

Our treatments work on a fortnightly scheme. You will change onto your next aligner every 2 weeks, unless told otherwise by our team.

Can I smoke with my Bitesoft Clear Aligners?

No! Cigarette smoke can cause discolouration, damage and warping to your Clear Aligners, so please just remove them or give up the smokes!

Can I work out while wearing my Bitesoft Clear Aligners?

Hell yes, it’s (not) proven that our aligners help you lift more…

Can I eat and drink while wearing my Bitesoft Clear Aligners?

You can, however most people find it a bit strange. Just always make sure you are cleaning and rinsing your aligners if you do choose to eat when wearing them.

When it comes to hot liquids like tea and coffee, please take your aligners out so they don’t warp!

Oops! I’ve lost one of my Bitesoft Aligners!?

Please message us ASAP! Depending on where you are within your treatment we may be able to move you onto the next step however we do need to assess your progress before making this decision. 

Lost an aligner? Contact us here.

Should I keep my old Bitesoft Aligners throughout my treatment?

Yes, if not just as a souvenir of us but also in case you lose an aligner.

What if I have concerns about the way my teeth are moving during or after my treatment?

Send us an email or contact us via socials with any concerns. We’re here to help and to answer any questions you may have. Change can be scary, we get it. 

What are refinement Aligners?

Refinement aligners are extra aligners needed at the end of treatment if there is still some movement needed. Just like people, some teeth are more stubborn than others!

What if I am not happy with my results?

We’ve never experienced a patient who is unhappy with their results, that being said there is a first time for everything! 

If your teeth don’t replicate the expected results in your 3D treatment plan, we will look into preparing some refinement aligners to be added at the end of treatment. 

We offer these refinements at no cost, however to qualify for free refinements you must have followed your prescribed treatment completely. 

Refinements must be requested within 30 days of finishing your treatment. 

Oral Hygiene

How do I clean my Bitesoft Clear Aligners?

Everyone receives an aligner and maintenance kit with their Aligners, this includes a soft bristle toothbrush head that can be used to gently brush your aligners.

You also receive a bottle of our Whitening Foam, which doubles as a gentle sanitising foam for your aligners and teeth. Simply use 1-2 pumps in your aligners before putting them in and you’re done!

Do I still need to floss my teeth during treatment?

Absolutely! Flossing daily will help your overall oral health and also help with the movement of your teeth. 

Do you offer Teeth Whitening?

You betcha! We’re already out here revolutionising the way we straighten your teeth, so we may as well may them pearly white too. 

We’ve specially formulated our Teeth Whitening Foam to eliminate stains that have penetrated beneath the surface of your enamel. This unique formula means that your teeth get brighter faster and that they stay whiter for longer. 

All Clear Aligner treatments receive a free bottle of our Teeth Whitening Foam and replacements can be purchased online. 


What service do you use?

All of our items are shipped from our warehouse on the Sunshine Coast via Australia Post Express. 

You can track your item by following the link in your email from us.

What countries do you ship to?

We ship to Australia and New Zealand currently. We are planning on expanding so sign up to our newsletter to stay in the loop!

Do I pay to return my Impressions?

No! We include a return Australia Post Express satchel for you to use. Just be sure to put your name on the bag or inside. If you are from New Zealand we reimburse your shipping, be sure to send us the receipt.